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AtmoWater is engaged in research and development, manufacturing and distributing Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) and Atmospheric Water Stations (AWS) that can produce water from air anywhere on the planet where there is humidity and temperatures exceeding 65 degrees F. These unique devices utilize patented technology to produce clean, great-tasting, safe water from the humidity in the air.


Our mission is to improve people’s lives through providing alternative source of water without harming the world’s ecosystem. We strive to secure already diminishing world’s drinking water supply through Research and Development as well as introduction of innovative technology.

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Alternative solutions to water shortages.

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Advansed Fan

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Patented Variable speed reverse rotating fan periodically cleaning system removes dust and pollen to alleviate clogging of the air filters and maximize water production.

Advansed Water Tank

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Patented advanced water tank is made out of stainless steel and specially surface to animate nature and structure water naturally to maintain purity of water.

Advansed System

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Patented split system is made to increase water production without harming worlds ecosystems.

Advansed Tray

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Patented Advanced water receiving tray, is installed strategically to maximize gravity in collecting water drops from cooled air.

The technology behind the AtmoWater machines and systems are based on the humidity in the air, the company utilizes an innovative Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) technology to make available safe, affordable and great tasting drinking water. Since this technology enables the production of water from air, water can be produced in places even where no source of water exists. Air is made to pass through a filter and thereafter condensed to form droplets of water. Once humidity is condensed and converted to water, our machines then collate and store water in our unique water tanks. The water is then filtered and purified to produce the cleanest, clearest and purest water available today. None of our water is chemically treated, so the water you will drink is in fact from the same air that you breath.

  • img-10.png, 4,9kBCreate Fresh Water Every Day
  • img-11.png, 4,2kBNo Infrastructure Requied
  • img-12.png, 4,7kBFully Customized And Resizable
  • img-13.png, 4,6kBAssembled At The Location Of Use

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